The Path of Life

1) Who was quoted as the people’s king?
2) How do we know the woman with the issue of blood knew Jesus was the High Priest?
3) Leaven in scripture speaks of Legalism and lawlessness.
4) According to Rick Joyner, where is the terminology used to describe the place and ministry of Jesus found?
5) Scripture teaches that bond servants are the only ones who do not take the mark of the beast.
6) From the Path of Life course, what reason did Rick give for why the first generation of Israel missed the promise land?

7) According to Rick Joyner, why did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob turn to Egypt in time of famine?
8) According to Rick Joyner, Jesus Christ was the house of God when He walked on earth. (See Genesis 35, John 1)
9) According to Rick Joyner what does Pharaoh represent in the book of Exodus:
10) What was one of the things prophesied over Samuel before his birth?

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