1) From Rick's teaching, who was compared to the rich young ruler, expended everything for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, moved to the U.S. and named the Wachovia Track in central North Carolina?
2) One of the main signs of the last day is that the Lord will pour out His spirit which will result in
3) What sports league was shut down due to not having enough players to play the game because they were attending the Welsh Revival?
4) How old was the man who God chose to start the Welsh Revival?
5) Many of the Christian leaders that prophesied revival missed those revivals because
6) According to Rick's teaching, moves of God are often called
7) During the Welsh revival, why did the mines have to be shut down?
8) What revival does Rick state is at the root of every move of God since that move?
9) Name the founder of the Salvation Army.
10) Who was the first president of Princeton University that also authored the sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”?

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