Church History

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Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it, and often we say that we are not going to be like that or do what they did but they repeat it anyway. The reason is:

As church positions gained political power men sought them to gain power more than

Salvation became based on inclusion to an institution and if you were in good standing in the church you would go to heaven. The reformation began on the revelation that the just shall live by faith and this understanding changed the world. Who taught the world that it is not about the institution but it is personal?

The New Testament is not to be another law. You can believe what you want but do not make it doctrine. However we do not want to do what is

Rick reminds us that the Lord will separate the sheep from the goat nation not individuals. What did Rick teach was a sign of a sheep nation?

Who was the father of modern education born in Moravia and heavily persecuted that followed the teachings of Hus?

We want to see history from Gods perspective not mans. Gods history books are the books of life are accurately recorded.
We can trust scripture though church history we can debate.
When we know the Holy Spirit and are taught by Him we can recognize the anointing and be impacted.
If God speaks to you it changes you and impacts you. This is the

Day 3 of Creation. God gathered the waters into seas. What do seas speak of in scripture?

If we want to understand the end times we need to understand less what the antichrist is doing and more of what

During the darkest times some of the greatest saints arose. Hus and Martin Luther wanted to reform the old religion not start another one. What religion was this?