I created an account how do I get my class?

Go to the top menu and click COURSES. Find your course and register by clicking ENROLL. If you have a coupon please use that after clicking ENROLL.

How do I find my class?

If you received an email but you are not sure about where to go or what to do next, we have some simple instructions. Click here.


Can I share them with friends?

Yes, please tell your friends all you have gained by studying with us. But, please use MorningStar Online materials for your own study then encourage others to register.

How much do these courses cost?

Each course is priced according to content. You will find the pricing on the course itself. Because we are in a building process, you can benefit as we are listing our courses at a lower price for a few months.

We always want to go higher and offer the best of what God gives us. Join us as we move from glory to glory.